How It Works

Our nonprofit board and volunteers develop ideas and design shirts.

If possible, we find products made in the USA and apply the design.

Then, we evaluate the price of the product (including shipping, fees, printing costs, etc.) and mark it up slightly so we can make a donation. Donations

We will be splitting donations to five nonprofits, one organization for each of the following areas: immigration, LGBTQ, women, civil liberties, and science/environment.

We will disburse funds to the organizations we select on a quarterly basis and will update you on our websites as to how much money is donated to each group.

Our nonprofit board is currently evaluating the following nonprofits:

  1. Islamic Relief USA
  2. National Council of La Raza
  3. National Immigration Law Center
  4. National Immigration Forum
  1. Human Rights Campaign
  2. Trevor Project
  1. Planned Parenthood
  2. National Partnership for Women & Families
  3. Know Your IX
Civil Liberties:
  1. ACLU
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center
  3. Equal Justice Initiative
  1. Wild Earth Allies
  3. Society for Science & the Public
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