Our Mission

We promote safety and solidarity, while donating all proceeds to like-minded organizations to continue their good work.

About Us

We are a small group of volunteers in Oregon, California, and Idaho. We are concerned about safety and civil liberties due to the divisiveness and dangerous rhetoric we’ve experienced in America during the past year.

We are a registered nonprofit in the state of Oregon.

Shirt designs and web development provided by Foster Growth.

Our Store

You can find similar shirts all over the Internet. You won't find many stores that aren't making a profit.

You don't know where the money is going when you buy from a random t-shirt shop. We tell you where your money is going.

We are finalizing the organizations we are donating to, but please go to our donations page for the list of organizations we are considering.

Each product is marked up no more than $10 to maintain reasonable prices. Each sale results in a donation.

Shirts are printed and shipped from within the USA, and whenever possible garments are also made in the USA. If you would like to help us keep the show running, please donate to our Big Cartel shop ($9.99/mo.).

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy our store.

Donate $9.99 for 1 Month on Big Cartel

Help us keep up the good work!

A simple $9.99 donation helps us reduce our out-of-pocket expenses.

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